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moeen k

best cms for .net asp

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its not a question about making game but as im a member here and its and its most active forum that im in i made this question here. if its not related please tell me.


first of all is it good to work with a made cms in asp or its better to make all better by yourself.


im looking for a cms for asp that work like wordpress with more capabilites. i need it to be free. have goof themes. be easy to work for other languages like farsi that is right to left and.. be well expandable and be possible to write plugins and add ones for it. it lets a unskilled user  of website to put posts and little change by himsel.


i searched and found something like umbraco and orchard and dotnetnuke.


thank you for you help.

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If you know how to develop application in C# I would say to go with Orchard. It is not as polished as DotNetCMS or Umbraco but still totaly usable by people without programing knowledge to create blog post. or articles.


The force of Orchard relies in the fact that it is low level (programatically speaking) so it is WAY MORE expandable than Unbraco or other options. You can effectively replace or extend any Orchard module as everything in Orchard relies on C# interfaces.


It has plenty of plugins to begin with and several tutorials to help you create your own. It also has a decent theme gallery to choose from. One of the cool feature of the Theme module of Orchard is its ability to inherit from one that already exists and only override or extend it without having to redo everything from scratch. Look into the "Alternates" features.


It is also very easy in Orchard to expose an API endpoint. It could certainly serve as an HTTP game server providing REST endpoint.


Yes it features every multi languages you may need. The default is English but look into the settings and then pick the culture of your choice. In your case I think it might be fa_IR. You just need to adjust the settings and download the translations files for your culture to add it to your installation.


Good luck!

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