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Angelscript IDE

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I've committed my WIP Angelscript IDE to github, it can be found here:

I offer no guarantuees regarding functionalities, right now it has limited support for syntax checking by compiling the script.

The IDE is built using Qt in Qt Creator.


To fully configure the IDE, you'll need to do the following:
-Go to Tools->Options->Configurations.
-Create a configuration, name it something descriptive.
-Set up the Angelscript config file and include filename. In our case, the game generates these files using WriteConfigToFile.
-You can set .as as the fallback extension for include filenames, or any other, if your program automatically infers file types.
-You can add preprocessor words.
-You can add include paths.
-You can add file extensions to consider when searching.

Apply changes, then select the configuration in the General tab. Close the Options dialog.

I have little experience working with Github and Qt, and i've only used Angelscript for the past year, focused on game integration, so i'll take all the help i can get.

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