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Overdosed - A Trip To Hell

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Overdosed is a fast paced, adrenaline fuelled trip to remember! In this top down shooter the player is on an intense experimental form of L.S.D and as a result they must fight hordes of nightmarish creatures in randomly generated and arena style levels. Overdosed is a trip to remember with exciting fast paced gameplay, a colourful assortment of weapons and gadgets and roguelike mechanics.


What’s planned for the final game?

3 Themes
Industrial (featured in the demo) is just 1 of 3 themes that will be present in the final game, each one will have its own aesthetic and enemy types.

Adventure mode





In this mode the objective is to progress through 5 randomly generated levels (every level harder than the last) and fight a boss enemy at the end to complete it. Unlike the arena mode the player will not start with the torch. Throughout the levels the player must find weapons/gadgets/health/ammo and the torch. There will be certain rooms that are pitch black and requires the torch to progress. Enemies will spawn at random locations so the gameplay will consist of a mixture of combat and exploration to find supplies. Also the player will find that some doors are locked. These doors can be unlocked with a key that the player can find in the level. Behind these locked doors will be some sort of reward (possibly a new weapon).

Each theme will have its own Adventure set of levels.


Dynamic Arenas


As you can probably guess arenas are levels where you must fight waves of enemies and survive as long as possible. It’s not that simple however… you start with just Dual Uzi’s and limited ammo but can purchase additional weapons within the level with the points you gain. You get points by killing enemies, a different amount for each enemy. This allows you to choose which weapons you want and when so you can play it your way. Each wave gets harder than the last with more enemy numbers and the introduction of new enemy types. You will eventually get outnumbered, despite how good you are but you can show off what wave you reached on the global online leaderboards. In each arena level there will be some sort of dynamic event which will affect the player and enemies. These events can either help and/or hinder the player in some way and will change the dynamic of the level, forcing the player to change up their tactics.

Additional player characters
Featuring player customisation!


Latest update video:

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Update - 25th April


Making levels that make themselves so you don't have to make them. OK?


Hello all! I wish I could get around to doing these updates more often but as you might imagine, creating a random level generation algorithm (that actually works properly) takes a lot of time and focus. I've managed to do some pretty sweet things though! I have some paths loop round to each other while maintaining the integrity of my game design ideas (basically sections behind a locked door are still only reachable though the locked door).


I have the main tile generation stuff done, the next step will be replacing all the whittle tile rooms to actual rooms. You can see above I have already have basic corridor tiles which have replaced the white ones. I plan for each tile to spawn in different objects so it doesn’t look repetitive. Collectable items such as weapons/health/ammo will be hidden (hopefully quite well) and will blend into the scenery. It will be very different to Arena; pickups won't be glowing and obvious. in Adventure you've really got to scour the level for these things.

Below are a few images showing how the generation system does what it does.

It all branches out from the start room, one tile after another. Each tile has about a 90% chance of being a corridor, else it's a random room. Corridors are more likely to be a straight piece rather than a corner or 3-way piece giggity. Once there are X amount of rooms in the level, it then caps everything off with the small red rooms.

So after all that, each tile piece looks around them to see if they run adjacent to any other sections, if so there is a chance they will connect to them (creating potential for looping - there would be more than 1 path to get from A to B). The blacked out areas show a section that will be blocked off at the end by a locked door. This section can keep itself nice and separate.

The next step is to replace all these tiles with actual rooms and corridors, and of-course to make it look sexy as fuck. It's all WIP (work in progress) so changes will be made to this generation system and I will be able to show off more visual stuff soon.



Lead Dev

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