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Efficient 24/32-bit sRGB to linear float image conversion on CPU

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Does anyone know of some efficient ways of converting 24/32-bit sRGB to linear floating point on the CPU? I haven't got access to a CPU with AVX2 instructions yet, but I am intrigued by the new gather instructions. I was thinking that these could possibly be used for this type of conversion, such as in this example below. The LUT would be 256x4 bytes, so I imagine it would fit entirely into L1 data cache.

__m256 RGBA8toRGBA32F(const char* pixel_data, const float* LUT)
    return _mm256_i32gather_ps(LUT, _mm256_cvtepu8_epi32(_mm_load_si128((__m128i*)pixel_data)), 4);
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read and


"Unlike most other RGB color spaces, the sRGB gamma cannot be expressed as a single numerical value. The overall gamma is approximately 2.2, consisting of a linear (gamma 1.0) section near black, and a non-linear section elsewhere involving a 2.4 exponent and a gamma (slope of log output versus log input) changing from 1.0 through about 2.3."


in 2nd paragraph well it says that sRGB is not using a single gamma and gpu uses a table to change the out put RGB to sRGB and the link you sent itself uses 2.4 as gamma

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