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Neo Space Shooter - Kill powerful bosses and steal their powers !

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Neo Space Shooter is an old-school space shooter (shmup) with a modern and intuitive gameplay specifically designed for mobiles devices, mixing classic Shmup and RPG genre to allow enhanced space ship customization.


The thing that make this space shooter different from other shmup is the freedom for the space ship upgrades :

- Kill enemies, earn XP points !

Each defeated enemy give you XP points, when leveling up, you win competence points and space ship points.




- A total freedom in space ship's improvements

You want to increase full power, full mana, or an average for both of them ? no problems ! it's YOUR space ship.

- Choose 5 skills between 15 unlock-ables overpowered skills !

Kill bosses to gain their skills, then spend your competence points to upgrade them ! Each boss have its own unique skill. :

- Regeneration
- Resurrection
- Shield
- Shockwave
- A black hole, A F**KING BLACK HOLE !




But also:

- A very cheap scenario

This shmup's scenario was fully written with feet of south Sri Lankan hermits.

- 3 levels of difficulty

From easy to heroic, even the worst players have a chance.

- A social game

Challenge your friends and share your score online !

- The indispensable tool of procrastination

This funny space shooter is perfect to distract you at work or school ! Don't hesitate and join the game, it's FREE !




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It's not bad. Fun to play. Has a few text placement issues in the tutorial. Some things were partially off screen. Only other thing I noticed is you have a few a/an issues in your text. It was reading a bit funny. I didn't get to beat the final boss (of the game or first world, I'm not sure, but I played until I saw all the boss ships on my selection screen).

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Thank you ! It's the first part of the game, there is another 7 bosses after him :)
I tried to correct it as much as I can, but I'm alone and not a native english speaker, so it's possible there is some mistakes.

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Yeah, when you kill the first 7 bosses, you unlock a new "dimension" where you have to kill an advanced version of those 7 bosses, they have the same look, the idea is the same (Furtif, Kamimaze, etc), but their powers and strengths are different and much more powerful :)

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