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Neko Bratau

Pix Figs 3d platformer where you can undo mistakes !

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In this game you can UNDO your death ! But that ability won't help you to find a finish portal !

What is finish portal ? It's place where you will be teleported to next level or world and it's located somewhere on map and your goal is to find it as fast as possible . On that way you will find different traps,obstacles which will slow you down also you have time back ability which will help you to collect coins on inaccessible places .

Collected coins can be used to buy new pix characters (figs) and special worlds , besides that every week I will add up to 25 new levels and 50+ characters .

I work alone on this project and it would be good if you can give me small support by visiting  my indie db page : CLICK HERE 

Undo mistakes : 


Alpha 0.1 coming soon  and of course more update on this thread !

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