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My new game : Shackles

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Hello All !
Yesterday I finished my new game: Shackles. It is a game about Failure and Observing, inspired by Gods will be Watching and The Stanley Parable. You can play it at the end of the topic  wink.png
The goal is to reach the white room. I don't want to add any further explanation, because the game -should- present its idea clearly.
I am aware of few bugs (sorry), but the game took a lot of time and I need to study now  biggrin.png  so please focus on the design, art, story and the main goal of the game.
Feedback: please tell me what did you learn from the game and how did you learn it. C&C about how to make the design better and more easier to understand are much appreciated. Bug reports are welcome as well but don't bother with them for now !
Play it on GameJolt  , and Kongregate Now !
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