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Alex Disalvo

Selling TouchDevelop

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That is what wiki is telling me about TouchDevelop:


To the OP: Please don't assume people always know what you are talking about when slinging around acronyms and names like that. Most of the time, a) the people that know what you are talking about are not online or do not have time to answer, b) the people that have time to answer don't know and c) it is slightly impolite to put the burden of looking up information on the people you ask your question to.

Just invest 5 more minutes, and try to describe what you are talking about in a few short sentences.


Especially as even after reading that wiki page, I am wondering why you even ask the question. TouchDevelop seems to be some kind of visual scripting tool from MS... why would developing in it and then commercially selling the product of your labour pose a problem?


I haven't read the MS EULA on TouchDevelop, nor any other legal stuff on it, but from this short wiki sentence I guess MS is opening up the option of TouchDevelop Users selling their stuff commercially:

"Scripts may also be submitted to the application store for possible sale to others."



Maybe rephrase your question to make it clearer to understand?

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That Actually Helps a lot!

And I apologize for not being more descriptive, to tell you the truth I am barely getting into forums. I am really not that active yet, but I will definitely take that into consideration when posting from now on. Thank you very much for your response Gian-Reto!

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