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Musician got questions

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Hello everybody,

first of all I'm a student from Berlin who studies Sound- and Musicproduction. I never made music for games but I would love to try. I'm looking for the opportunity to give some of my stuff to developers or even make music espacially for new games. Well I don't realy even know if my music fits and thats the reason why i wanted to post some of my music and previous work i did.

compilation of newer music
short film with my music and sounddesign
Pappel Designprice

So this is it. I would love to hear some feedback.
where to start?

Is my music well enough produced? or would the kind of music i do even fit for some games?

whats special about game music?

do you have some remarks on what I could work more? 

thanks for reading


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This  might answer some or most of your questions:


Before opening a thread, you might want to always check out the pinned threads at the start of a particular forum. They will most of the time answers most newbie questions.



About the "would it fit any game"... I don't think there is ANY musical genre that has never been used in games or will never fit any game. However your music might be more sought after if you do some genres as opposed to others (orchestral music seems to be a must have for most games and movies).

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