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OpenGL Sphere Tessellation wrong coordinates mapping

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I'm trying to apply a tessellation on the GPU for a simple Sphere. This tessellation is working perfectly for a simple plan, but it's not working for the sphere. Of course, I know the coordinates mapping aren't the same, I tried many ways to do it. For example, I tried to use the gl_TessCoord (x and y) in the tessellation Evaluation as longitude et latitude mapped into a plane. Then convert them to a spherical coordinates, but it 'really' didn't work. 


For the tessellation control, I'm just splitting all patches into 2 for the outer and 2 as well for the inner level. 


Here is my code to draw the sphere : 

glPatchParameteri(GL_PATCH_VERTICES, 4);

glBindBuffer(GL_ELEMENT_ARRAY_BUFFER, indicesBuffer);
glDrawElements(GL_PATCHES, indices.length, GL_UNSIGNED_INT, 0);


Here my current code in the tessellation Evaluation : 

#version 430 

layout(quads, fractional_even_spacing, ccw) in;

uniform mat4 u_projectionMatrix; 
uniform mat4 u_viewMatrix; 
uniform mat4 u_transformMatrix;
uniform float u_radius;  
uniform vec3 u_cameraPosition; 

void main(void){
vec4 position = gl_in[0].gl_Position;
position.xz += gl_TessCoord.xy * 2.0 - 1.0; 
gl_Position = u_projectionMatrix * u_viewMatrix * u_transformMatrix * position; 

Here is the indices : 

int indPtr = 0; 

for(int r=0; r< mRings-1; r++)
for(int s=0; s<mSectors-1; s++){
indices[indPtr++] = r * mSectors + s; 
indices[indPtr++] = r * mSectors + (s+1); 
indices[indPtr++] = (r+1) * mSectors + (s+1); 
indices[indPtr++] = (r+1) * mSectors + s; 

To draw the sphere, I followed this example : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5988686/creating-a-3d-sphere-in-opengl-using-visual-c


I attached two images for the result I'm getting. 


If you have any hint that could help me solve this problem, It'd be really cool. Thank you. 

Note : If you need any other informations, please ask me and I'll post them. 



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If anyone got the same problem, I have the solution for you : ) 

So the problem was in the mapping, and this is *tottaly* not the way of getting the coordinates : 

position.xz += gl_TessCoord.xy * 2.0 - 1.0;

Instead, you should do a linear interpolation from the positions sent by the Tessellation control shader with the u coordinate of gl_TessCoord like this : 

float u = gl_TessCoord.x;
float v = gl_TessCoord.y;
vec3 a = mix(gl_in[0].gl_Position, gl_in[1].gl_Position, u);
vec3 b = mix(gl_in[2].gl_Position, gl_in[3].gl_Position, u);

And then, a second linear interpolation of the result using the v coordinates. 

vec4 position = mix(a, b, v); 

And you should get the right positions for you vertices now :D 

I hope this helped.


Here are the source : http://https://github.com/adamlwgriffiths/GLETools/blob/master/examples/tesselation/lod.shader

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