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Mavi Yuno


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I designed this perfect MMORPG game. You can build your character as you want. You can be everything you want to be. You can be a turtle or ice elemental, it doesnt matter. Everything is limitless.


In this game we have 10 base stats:
dmg2 hit1 fle1 hp10 hpr1 mp10 mpr1 arm2 move range LEVEL10points1skill %75-%125

Damage, hit, hp, hpr most important ones. Damage is your damage and all damages are random in this game so you may deal 1 or 3 damage with base 2 damage. That means you may kill someone with single hit. But you must be tanky bcause all mobs are agressive and when you die, you lose a level and if you are free player you cannot play the game until next day. So in this game if you build for DPS you will kill things faster but you will die too much and become crazy. Also in this game always 2 factions are fighting against each other. That means openworld PvP without safe area and also this game has no level limit. So if you farm low level mobs for months you can be a level 5138 player while other players are around 100 level. That means you are 51 times stronger than a level 100 player. Also factions will change every week. First red, blue and yellow factions will fight against x, y and z factions. Next week red, blue, x factions will be in same team and they will fight against yellow, y, z factions. That means while your faction winning the war next week your faction may lose. Also your strong friends maybe your enemy at next week. Factions are based on gender, landscapes, countries, races, colors, politics, ideas, lifestyles.. While creating your character you will answer too many questions and by your answers we will place your character in a faction. You maybe in a vegan faction or a animal rights faction or a asian faction.


Hit is your hit rate. In this game your attacks and skills may miss the target. Miss means your enemy parried or dodged or defended against your attack. That means in this game everything is random. Even a stupid worm may kill you. For preventing that randomness, have high armor stat. Armor sucks damage and gets reloaded every turn. If you have 8 armor and you take 10 damage armor will decrease damage by 8 and you will take only 2 damage. Armor is may be OP but damage is random. That means enemy may deal a realy high damage if he is lucky and you may be one shot killed. For preventing one shot kill, you have to have high HP so health. Health is basely 5 times higher than damage. If enemy is lucky he may deal double times more damage. That means you will die in 2,5 turns so 3 turns.. But dont worry, you may dodge from enemy attacks and we keeping defensive players OP. In this game tanky characters and defensive players are always OP and all DPS classes are weak. Most of DPS classes are can be very tanky so there is no DPS class in this game. You just building my beautiful tanks as a DPS class. Whatever ofcourse you can deal tons o damage with a cyborg warmachine but it is 2 times more stronger if you build him as a tank.


Movespeed is increases with triangular numbers. That means its increases like this: 1 3 6 10 15 21

That means increasing your movespeed is easy but it gets harder as you increase it. Each level you gain 10 points and making your movespeed 4 from 3 requires 10 points so 1 level. Movespeed isnt a nice stat to increase also most of characters have slowing skills or high movespeed boosts for short time.


Range is increases with same method as movespeed. You cant use a ranged attack same turn with movement. Thats means you cant use ranged attacks while running away from target. By this you cant kite enemies. But you can attack someone chasing you with your melee skills. Using a ranged attack causes you to lose %50 damage or hit. Also you can use far ranged attacks which one is multiplying your range by %300 or things like that. An attack with %300 range consumes; %100 base, %200 1 mp, %300 3 mp; it consumes 3 mp and also it has %50 less damage or hit.





This passives affects your core stats. They are really important for DPS or tank builds. Balanced builds dont need them.



Armor X%125 Hit X%75



Felee X%125 Damage X%75


Sliding Ice CUBE(passive)

Move X%125 MPR X%75


With soul(passive)

Range X%125 HPR X%75



MP X%125 HPX%75



This game have 12 elements and 12 attack types. Attack types affects your dodge rate (your felee). This passives affecting your elemental resistances.


I am ice

CLD X%75 HOT X%125



WND X%75 HLY X%125


No body

BIO X%75 DRK X%125


BLW X%75 RAY X%125



WTR X%75 FRE X125


Mineral body

CHM X%75 WAV X125




Lonely Giant

MLE X%75 EMO X%125


Made of Stone

RNG X%75 PLA X%125


Like a glass

EXP X%75 BEA X%125


Air bender

GAS X%75 INT X%125


Physical armor

BLL X%75 MGC X125


Its contains only ice

MAG X%75 LQD X125



When ice titan dies its becomes soul. Soul can become ice titan by casting a special spell but while casting it, it is defenseless. Soul form is have really low defense but nice damage. So with this passive you can play as a DPS class after you die. Soul form doesnt have a cooldown. Details are like that:

Soul Form first level:

By unlocking this skill when your HP goes blow %10 you dont die and turn to Ice Orb. Ice orb has %125 movespeed, %125 range, %10 of max hp, %75 hp, %0 (no) hpr, %0 (no) armor, %175 felee, %150 dmg, %150 hit, same mp, same mpr, new skill Return of the retarded.

Return of the retarded:

Only can be used with max mana. Ice Orb suddenly becomes Ice Titan with max HP but he used all MP.

Soul Form last level:

When hp goes below %50 you become Ice Orb. That consumes 4 skill points each one increases hp thing by %10. (10 20 30 40 50) Note: Soul form so ice orbs base stats can never be affected by Ice Titans attribute passives. So while in soul form, stat passives are deactivated.




Punch: Ice Titan punches, why not? Deals MGC CLD dmg. Consumes 2 mp. No cooldown. +%100 dmg +%100 hit.

MAXED Punch: Deals MLE BLW dmg. +%200 hit. +%300 dmg. Consumes 9 mp. Requires 5 skillpoint total. Has 5 turn cooldown, if you use 5 extra skill points has no cooldown.


You can unlock everything you want to unlock by spending 1 skill point. After that you can upgrade your skills by spending another skill point on same skill. You can decrease cooldown or mana cost or increase effectiveness while increasing cooldown by 1 and increasing mana cost by triangular numbers.


IceHard: You gain +%50 armor and felee for 3 turns. Consumes 2 mp. No cooldown.

MAXED IceHard: Each skill points can increase armor and felee buff by %50 or increase duration by 1 turn. Each 2 turns gives you free 1 extra turn. As you increase buff or duration its cooldown increases by 1. You can spend 1 skill point for decreasing cooldown by 1. You can use 1 skill point for decrease mana cost by 1. This skill has no limits. It can go infinite. Bcause it is a defensive skill and cant deal damage. Skills cost mana based on how OP they are so this skill may cost all of your mana.


Buffs consumes lower MP than active skills bcause your enemy knows what is happening so they may escape or call backup or they may change their tactics but active skills are sudden and they suprise your enemies. Defensive skills has no upgrade limit, that means they may consume thousands of mana if they upgraded hundreds of times.


Harderice: Passive Buff. When you take damage that penetrates your armor and damages to your health, everybody hit you this turn has %50 rate for being frozen next turn. Frozen players lose felee, hit, damage, movespeed by %100. This skill consumes 1 mana per person dealt damage to you even noone becomes frozen. This skill is a passive which one consumes mp. It cant be turned off if it is unlocked.


Harderice LEVEL 2: When something hit you, that person have %50 rate for being frozen next turn. It will lose %50 instead of %100. Consumes 1 mana for each attempt.


Harderice LEVEL 3: Has %100 rate for being frozen. Consumes 2 mana for each target.

Harderice LEVEL 4: %50 rate, affected targets will lose %100. Consumes 3 mana.

Harderice LEVEL 5: %75 rate, %100 debuff. Consumes 4 mana.

Harderice LEVEL 6: %100 rate, %100 debuff. Consumes 5 mana for each target.


If you have %300 damage buff and you use a skill with %600 damage you will have 300+600 %900 damage. So skills doesnt affects each other, they only affects your base stats. Skills also cant affect your attribute passives. So a passive giving you %125 damage permanantly only adds to your damages %25 buff it doesnt multiple with your active skills or buffs.


Do you have any questions? If you didnt read, still ask to me questions about this game.

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Did you actually code a game yet?

I designed your game before you did. I called it even more perfect mmorpg but I also didn't code it yet. I demand royalties.

Obvious troll is obvious but to spend so long typing that junk is beyond belief :lol:

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I designed this perfect MMORPG game. You can build your character as you want. You can be everything you want to be. You can be a turtle or ice elemental, it doesnt matter. Everything is limitless.
In this game we have 10 base stats:
dmg2 hit1 fle1 hp10 hpr1 mp10 mpr1 arm2 move range LEVEL10points1skill %75-%125

This is contradicting, how can I be a god, Cthulhu or "The person who wins all the battles no matter what" if I am bound by the laws of your world.

Don't allow the player to be what thy wan't, allow them to be what is best for your world.


Seriously, even if you just meant as in graphics it would be impossible. There are rules and limitations, with out them there would be nothing.


Nice mechanics do thy work?

Personally I prefer, to the power of two most people understand the growth and the PC likes it.



Pirate_Lord did it better: http://www.gamedev.net/topic/481176-pirate_lords-thread/

I fear he might have had a point, but not the skills to convey it. Hearts of Iron is often called a epic or grand strategy, as it is clearly not  normal RTS.


Then again a dedicated game designer would know how to get his point across, even if it meant learning how to communicate.

Edited by Scouting Ninja

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I, of course, designed (sortof) an even better SortofPerfectMMORPG where you can   DESIGN THE GAME  YOU WANT !!!!


The main aspect is Player Creation of Game Assets (not just the usual mod terrain/objects/figures/animations, but also all the way upto Interactions, Quests and some parts of Game Mechanics/Engine and tool addons).    Fundamental is to Tap into the reservoir of interest/effort/skills/time/imagination of the Players.   Sure, only a fraction may bother to do it, but what they produce is then useable by the rest - still a resource 100X  bigger than any game company's capacity/imagination/skill (there ARE millions of Players out there....).


The "Sortof' comes in because it depends on alot of collaboration for this 'creation'  aspect (and all the problems and issues that brings in).    But the idea is that good added things will be adopted, and bad things ignored, and good things borrowed and improved into being better things, incrementally.   The biggest challenge is for tools and process  that would be required to enable a large number of Players to collaborate and create their contribution .  (and dont wave Second Life at me, its far too limited for what is needed).


You could have some (your) section of the MMORPG 'universe'  have any (copyrights excluded) genre and content you want (whether anyone will go there is up to them).   You see somebody produce something good, you can reuse it.   If you think you can improve it, then go do so (and others then can take it further).  The SortofPerfectMMORPG's collaborative system would support that.    Yes, content coordination is required, but seperate 'worlds' would get as much as each subset of players want.


There are common solutions/mechanism shares by most games.   Lets simplify/make accessible that part predone/selectable so that people can get on with the interesting/creative bits.   Even the game companies could profit ($$$) from not having to reinvent the wheel constantly (game engine/tools/basic objects/animations/attribut systems).     By pooling development of the common elements, they could instead concentrate on their particular game's own cohesive theme/motif/presentation (their concentration of talent for solo game experiences could still be beyond any 'community collaboration' - but now cheaper to produce).     Popular genres are already owned and THOSE owning companies could control the direction they want their MMORPG game world to go, but now with bigger assistance from their fans (who are ALWAYS starving for new content).


How soon will it be before increasing production expenses and decreasing playthrough hours narrow the game producers field to nothing but mega-game compromise and banality ??   MMORPGs have actually degenerated from what the first generation was.    A basics/common system is applicable from the single-man indie to the biggest companies (and potentially even well beyond "games").



Hard ?  Impossible ?   Never will happen ?   Nobody will Pay for it ?   Maybe, but then 'never is a long time'   (and I would say better sooner than later).  


Paradigm Shift ?        (It is effectively the Computer Publishing Revolution now done for games.)        Yep.





Note - in my   SortofPerfectMMORPG(tm)   you COULD have   Cthulhu fight Ceiling Cat  with all the fancy lights and exotic gibs you want - just YOU need to build it so that they will come.  (note - you may have to pay copyright royalties if they are applicable for YOUR dream to come true...)

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I actually read through approximately 1/3 of your post even though the title was already somewhat telling.


Not few of the things you are writing are problematic at best. Not few of them are contradicting, too.


Players easily being 50 times stronger than the people around them? This  is exactly what almost every MMORPG tries to avoid hard. It's no challenge for the high level players, and it's not fun for the others either.


Friends becoming enemies every other week? Not precisely the kind of thing that supports an active community, is it?


Factions are based on gender, landscapes, countries, races, colors, politics, ideas, lifestyles. So basically, the faction of Mostly Males Online Role Playing Girls will outnumber the faction of males playing guys by, say, 1 to 10?


Politics and ideas? How is this measured?


Lifestyle? So the group of hardcore free-to-play all-day-online players will by design be ganking the paying faction of casual after work players? Not a great plan if you want to stay in business.


The first and second paragraphs seem to contradict each other. Does a single hit kill someone or is health 5 times higher than damage (at the same level)?


Everything is hostile, even a mere worm will attack and kill you, and if you die, you can't play until the next day? Sounds like a bad idea for getting a lot of daily active users. Yes, it's a well-established fact that games are not precisely realistic, but being attacked and killed by a worm (we're not talking of the 15-meter type of "worm", right) is just ridiculous. It adds zero value and spoils fun.


Triangular numbers for increasing movement speed make it easy at the beginning but harder later? 10-6 = 4, but 190-171 = 19, if each costs 10 points, that's over 4 times easier at higher levels, not harder.

Edited by samoth

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to the people newer to Gamedev.net than maybe 6 months ago... the OP was active back then and his posts where similar.... difficult to read. And understand.


Contrary to others, I wouldn't call him a troll... yet. Still, have a look at his post history before you take his stuff too serious.



I dare not read all that wall of text up there lest my brain gets fried and explodes. So much text and numbers, so little sense in them....

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I, of course, designed (sortof) an even better SortofPerfectMMORPG where you can DESIGN THE GAME YOU WANT !!!!

Wait, that may not be a bad idea... picture it, online players taking on the class of designers, developers, artists, or producers in a highly-competitive online roleplaying game development universe, battling trolls and backers to defeat evil and rise to the top of the marketplace.  You can be a crafter or a warrior, and PvP is not uncommon.  Various guild factions can wage releases of unprecedented scale.



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This topic is 1335 days old which is more than the 365 day threshold we allow for new replies. Please post a new topic.

If you intended to correct an error in the post then please contact us.

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