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I have a GameManager that holds a list of sprites. It loads the list using Resources.LoadAll(); Then, I have and objective script that assigns those sprites to image objects.


Objective script looks like this:


public void SetObjective ()
        int rand = (int)Random.Range (0.0fGameManager.manager.gameItems.Length);
        Debug.Log (GameManager.manager.gameItems[1].name);
        this.GetComponent<Image> ().sprite = GameManager.manager.gameItems[1];


This exact same code works to create a grid of sprites. The debug log occurs after the NullRefernceException error, so I changed the script execution order and got the same results. What else can I try changing to get the script to run at a correct time after all of the images have been loaded?

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Is GameManager a MonoBehaviour?  Is the Resources.LoadAll() call being done in Awake(), OnEnable(), or Start()?  The first two will always run before Start, and are great places to do asset initialization like you're mentioning.

(Also, nitpicky, but your code example there doesn't actually use the rand variable.  I'm assuming this is because you re-typed it for an example, but if not you'll only ever use the second sprite in your loaded sprites list.)



Edit: I just realized this could be an issue where the GameManager is on a separate object from the SetObjective caller, and I misunderstood the issue.  However, according to this doc, Awake and OnEnable should still run on all the objects in the scene before Start.  Specifically: 


Note that for objects added to the scene, the Awake and OnEnable functions for all scripts will be called before Start, Update, etc are called for any of them. Naturally, this cannot be enforced when an object is instantiated during gameplay.

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Thnx for the help! Simply moving the LoadAll() lime in the game manager to Awake() solved the problem. And yes, I only hard coded the index as a means of debugging the problem. I replaced it after the problem was fixed.

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