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Briiian Tsui

A Mecha game built and run in Google Spreadsheet

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I just want to share my functional prototype (its fun if you're a mecha fan!) and the story as a beginner programmer.


So I wanted to build a game but I didn't know any programming. I did take a course on javascript 101 in my first year some 8 years ago, but then I failed it..

But with Google Spreadsheet and little bit of Google App script, I managed to pull this off over a terribly painful two weeks.

To be honest, I still don't know how to work with arrays... but I'm getting there!


Here's the link to the file. It is View-only, so please make a copy into your Google Drive before playing:



- This is a mecha battle online game (1 vs 1) runs on Google Spreadsheet.

- The battle system is a simultaneous 2-steps turn-base battle. Each side decides the next 2 actions, and then the game executes them in order.

- The game is about customizing your mech, choosing weapons, and wreck your opponent. Destroy opponent's main body part and you win. Destroying other parts would gain you great advantage.


You need to change the sharing access before inviting a friend into your game. For step-by-step instruction please go to this link:



The concept art and drafts:



I'm not sure what my next step is. While I could pick up proper java/ C and then Unity, but with the amount of artwork waiting for me ahead I'll probably find a real programmer to partner with... 


Anyhow! I don't even have friends to share my game with cuz no one is into mecha... even less into turn-base...

So if any of you interested to give it a try and enjoy it, let me know about your experience! Duel with someone! (I'm fairly confident the game is balanced... "fairly")

Feel free to play around with the source, but its in such a gory mess, you'd probably just back away from it...

Hope you have a good game!


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