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How to set large array to shader in C++ (D3D9, ps_3_0)

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Hi all,


I am currently writing a Gaussian Blur pixshader.

The shader code is as following:

sampler2D Texture0;
float2 TexSize;
float ScanPass;
static const int MAX_RADIUS = 200;
static const int MAX_FLOAT4 = (MAX_RADIUS - 1) / 4 + 1;
float4 Template[MAX_FLOAT4];

float4 main(float2 texCoord : TEXCOORD0) : COLOR
    float4 coord = texCoord.xyxy;
    float2 scale = { 1 / TexSize.x, 1 / TexSize.y };
    float4 color = 0;
    bool run = true;

    for (int i = 0; i < MAX_FLOAT4; ++i)
        float4 t = Template[i];
        if (i == 0)
            t[0] /= 2;
        if (run)
            for (int j = 0; j < 4; ++j)
                if (t[j] <= 0)
                    run = false;

                color += tex2D(Texture0, coord.xy) * t[j];
                color += tex2D(Texture0, coord.zw) * t[j];

                if (ScanPass == 0)
                    coord.x -= scale.x;
                    coord.z += scale.x;
                    coord.y -= scale.y;
                    coord.w += scale.y;
                coord = clamp(coord, float4(0, 0, 0, 0), float4(1, 1, 1, 1));
    return color;

the array Template will contains the Gaussian Blur factors.

For example, if the standard deviation is 1.0, there are 3 + 1 + 3 pixels affected (3 * sigma + 1, radius = 3). I will put the fators calculated by x = 0,1,2,3 into the array. (To reduce the register number, x = -1,-2,-3 will not be passed.)


The question is, when I increase MAX_RADIUS, the shader compile will generate an error:

error X4505: maximum temp register index exceeded


I had taken a look at the asm code and found that the array indexing takes a lot of instructions. Those are:

      add r6, r5.y, c52
      add r7, r5.y, c59
      add r8, r5.y, c60
      add r9, r5.y, c53
      add r10, r5.y, c54
      add r11, r5.y, c55
      add r12, r5.y, c56
      add r13, r5.y, c57
      add r14, r5.y, c58
      add r15, r5.y, c61
      add r16, r5.y, c62
      add r17, r5.y, c63
      add r5.zw, r5.y, c64.xyxy
      abs r6, r6
      abs r7, r7
      abs r8, r8
      abs r9, r9
      abs r10, r10
      abs r11, r11
      abs r12, r12
      abs r13, r13
      abs r14, r14.yzwx
      abs r15, r15
      abs r16, r16
      abs r17, r17
      abs r18.xy, r5.zwzw
      mov r19, -r15
      mov r20, -r16
      mov r21, -r17
      mov r5.zw, -r6.xyxz
      mov r22.xy, -r7.xzzw
      mov r22.zw, -r8.xyxz
      mov r23.xy, -r9.xzzw
      mov r23.zw, -r10.xyxz
      mov r24.xy, -r11.xzzw
      mov r24.zw, -r12.xyxz
      mov r25.xy, -r13.xzzw
      mov r18.z, r14.w
      mov r25.zw, -r18.xyzx
      mov r26.xy, -r6.ywzw
      mov r26.zw, -r7.xyyw
      mov r27.xy, -r8.ywzw
      mov r27.zw, -r9.xyyw
      mov r28.xy, -r10.ywzw
      mov r28.zw, -r11.xyyw
      mov r29.xy, -r12.ywzw
      mov r29.zw, -r13.xyyw
      mov r14.w, r18.y
      mov r30, -r14
      mov r6.xz, -r6
      add r5.zw, r5, r6.xyxz
      cmp r5.zw, r5, c65.x, c65.y
      mov r6.xz, -r7
      add r6.xz, r6, r22.xyyw
      cmp r6.xz, r6, c65.x, c65.y
      mov r7.xz, -r8
      add r7.xz, r7, r22.zyww
      cmp r7.xz, r7, c65.x, c65.y
      mov r8.xz, -r9
      add r8.xz, r8, r23.xyyw
      cmp r8.xz, r8, c65.x, c65.y
      mov r9.xz, -r10
      add r9.xz, r9, r23.zyww
      cmp r9.xz, r9, c65.x, c65.y
      mov r10.xz, -r11
      add r10.xz, r10, r24.xyyw
      cmp r10.xz, r10, c65.x, c65.y
      mov r11.xz, -r12
      add r11.xz, r11, r24.zyww
      cmp r11.xz, r11, c65.x, c65.y
      mov r12.xz, -r13
      add r12.xz, r12, r25.xyyw
      cmp r12.xz, r12, c65.x, c65.y
      mov r13.xz, -r18.zyxw
      add r13.xz, r13, r25.zyww
      cmp r13.xz, r13, c65.x, c65.y
      mov r6.yw, -r6
      add r6.yw, r6, r26.xxzy
      cmp r6.yw, r6, c65.x, c65.y
      mov r7.yw, -r7
      add r7.yw, r7, r26.xzzw
      cmp r7.yw, r7, c65.x, c65.y
      mov r8.yw, -r8
      add r8.yw, r8, r27.xxzy

In fact, the above HLSL code is already be optimized by me. In previos versions, I stored the Template array as "float Template[MAX_RADIUS]", and put Template every where when it used. In that case, it failed even when MAX_RADIUS = 53 or 54.


Some artiles said that there are no "memory" but only registers in HLSL, so the array indexing will be so complex. Is that right?

Can i use registers directly in HLSL? Some thing like:

if (i < 4)

    __asm mov r0, c0

else if (i < 8)

    __asm mov r0, c1


I think that is much more short that what the shader compiler generated.



Above all, my question is,

How to pass such large arrays into HLSL (to supprt large radius Gaussian Blur) ?

or, how to optimize array indexing ?


Thank you.






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This topic is 1258 days old which is more than the 365 day threshold we allow for new replies. Please post a new topic.

If you intended to correct an error in the post then please contact us.

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