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Fancy AS3 game visual effects

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Hi everyone, I’m just starting to make games and I would love to know what ways there are to make visual effects without sprites and particles (unless what is shown in the youtube example is particle based animations). Also pros and cons of them.

Me with a designer would like to have more realistical “fancy” visual effects and I didn’t really found out how would be possible for me to make them. Also maybe there is more graphical way of making them, as I’m not enough skilled to recreate beautiful effects my designer would suggest.

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Wrong forum maybe? This should go into the "Visual arts" section of


Cannot watch vids at work so cannot help you out there at the moment with what you wrote up there... maybe give some more details? Are we talking 2D or 3D? What is wrong with your current effects, what parts of the target effects ar hard to create for you?


I guess your "designer" is the Game Designer, and you are the artist for the project? Or why would he ask you to create the effects? Is this a programming or a visual arts related problem you are talking about?


Also, maybe tell us what technologies you are using (languages, frameworks, game engines), so people can give you more accurate suggestions what to do next.



AS3 = Action Script 3? Are you talking about a Flash game?

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