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OpenGL wglSetCurrent() and render to texture fails

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I'm trying to render with OpenGL 3.3 into multiple windows.

The technique I'm using at the moment is to use only one context, and switch target windows.


On win32, what I did so far is something like this:



- Create main context with a dummy, invisible window (HWND)

- Create one or more visible windows

- Set an OpenGL-compatible pixel format on those windows



- Call wglMakeCurrent() before rendering on any of these windows

- Render (OpenGL calls)

- After rendering, call SwapBuffer on every window



My first test only targets one window, but even then I don't see anything, the screen stays black sad.png

If I resize the window, I see the clear color appear, but nothing more.


However, if I bypass post-processing effects (working with render to textures) during execution with a shortcut, I see my animated scene blink.png

Once I re-enable effects, I see two static frames flickering rapidly: one with the effects, the other without. Both don't animate.



My application worked perfectly fine before I introduced this multi-window technique, and I get no errors so far...

I previously tried with shared contexts, but got the same weird result.


So... I'm wondering, do I missed something about render to textures?



Note: I'm using raw win32 and OpenGL with Glew, no other libraries involved.


EDIT: it's "wglMakeCurrent" for the title of the topic, but I don't know how to change it.

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Ok, nevermind, I found it. Just forgot to disable depth test before drawing the full-viewport quads on render textures...

Now I know RenderTextures have nothing to do with this :)

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