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Unreal Engine 4 vs. Unity 5: 2D Game Tutorial Series

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EDIT:  Table of Contents is now live.


I've started a new project over at GameFromScratch.com I figured some of you might be interested in.
Basically I am going to document the process of creating a complete game from scratch using the Unreal Engine, in extreme detail, in both text and video format.  Then I am going to start over and do the exact same thing in Unity instead.  When I am done I will ideally have two completely beginner friendly tutorial series covering two of the most popular game engines, but more importantly, I will have one of the most direct workflow comparisons available.  This means people asking "which should I use, Unity or Unreal", will be able to quickly browse through both series and decide which workflow fits them best.
I was going to do them in parallel... a Unreal tutorial, a Unity, tutorial, an Unreal tutorial, etc... but this got really confusing for me right away.  So instead I have started with Unreal 5.  I intend to cover all aspects of a 2D game, cumulating in a complete simple 2D game.  I will then start all over and do it again in Unreal.  Finally I will probably do a quick series on Unreal Engine using C++ instead of Blueprints.  FYI, it will take a while...
Right now I've started with the Unreal Engine tutorials, and am far enough along that I think the results are useful for someone looking to learn Unreal Engine.  My understanding is, 2D and text based tutorials are pretty scarce, so hopefully this stuff will be immediately useful.
Right now the series consist of:



I am fairly early on in the series, so any feedback you have right now can certainly impact the development of the series.  Let me know what you think!

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