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Unity My first game

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I have a game idea that I think is fairly original for a moba. I would like to program it.


I've almost finish the brainstorm part, constructing on paper what the game should be, now I would like to start the construction phase.

The problem is that I have never done that and I really don't know where to start, I've been looking for some game engine, I think unity 5 is best for me because I heard it's user friendly. I've VERY LITTLE base of java and that's it.


As a beginner, I would like some advise on what to do, or someone to guide me to some good tutorial or learning site for unity and programming in general. A list would be awesome, for example


1st: go to this website, watch the whole video and complete the course

2nd: do this one about unity and blablabla



5th: Start the game itself start by this and than do this...



Feel free to message me or email me, I would really like a tutor, or just someone to guide me.


I planed starting seriously at the end of my semester and I will have 3 month to do it from nothing. The final version dont neet to be the final one, Only the general structure of the game.


Thanks a lot, feel free to ask any questions



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This question resonated with me, being in the same position once upon a time.


So if it were me starting out again this is probably the path I would take:


3 things you will need, consider this your basic learning path:


1. Know enough of a programming language to get shit done and understand your development environment, whether it be Mono Develop (Ships with Unity) or Visual Studio etc..

2. Be comfortable with maths.

3. Pick a game engine / framework.


Now for the learnage:


1.) Pickup C#, aside from it's use in Unity it also widely used in software / web development and it's a great transferable skill to have.


Depending on your ability level and exposure to programming, the following resources should be a good starting point:






2.) Brush up on your maths, not essential but recommended.


3.) Become familiar with Unity.


This tutorial series of tutorials will get you up to speed with Unity's interface:


This tutorial will introduce you to some of Unity's core concepts and leave you with a small game project which you can re-engineer to your hearts content.



A parting word, game development is difficult, it requires many skills and endless patience. 


But its an incredibly rewarding process and I would say do not be afraid to fail, through failure we are given a fantastic opportunity to grow.

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A parting word, game development is difficult, it requires many skills and endless patience.

But its an incredibly rewarding process and I would say do not be afraid to fail, through failure we are given a fantastic opportunity to grow.


I have to agree with this statement.  Also to add to this is do lots of iteration, meaning make changes and test the game to see how they play out.  Don't be afraid to get feedback so you will know if your heading in the right direction.  Lastly good luck and never stop learning!

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