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free sounds

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Hello, I would like to know where to get some free sounds. They do not have to be a perfect quality, but just licence free. I dont care about bitrate. (I don''t like hitting things with other things next to a microphone I hope there are many sources on the internet, but I haven''t found any yet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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Hey, I did do sounds with hitting things next to a microphone ;-)
BUT: they''re pretty good, well, "a little" modified with sound editing software, of course.
Everything 44.1 kHz.

I have tanks, other motor sounds, sounds of a big stone drawn on another stone
("evil" scratching, like ''moving rock trap'' in a pharao''s grave or so...) and some hitting sounds.

Unfortunately I can''t access them at the moment, cause my mainboard died recently,
I''m awaiting a new one, but not yet arrived...

But if you''re interested, wait until my pc is working again...

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