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Walking on terrain

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Hya, I''m new here, and also to OpenGL. I''ve set up a project for school where I make a terrain engine with some enemy''s etc etc. Thing is, I could really use some help from some experts here. I would really appreciate it. My problem: I''ve tried nehe lesson 35 (i think) where you load a .RAW file to make terrain. I''ve also tried some other tutorials which load up a terrain using BMP files. Ive stayed with the nehe tutorial (the same is on www. and tried to implement a camera so that I can walk on the terrain. I use glulookat... and use a function getheight wich interpolates heights on x,z points. Everything works okay, BUT, if I move up or down a mountain, it goes a little ''shocky''. Not that my machine can''t handle it, but it looks like i''m walking up or down stairs. I cant seem to solve this, so I could really use some ideas from you guys, if you would be so kind. Do I need a terrain smoothening algorthm (or something ), do I need to render in another way.. Why does it look like I''m walking up some stairs, while other engines I downloaded WITH source, do the same thing with glulookat and the getheight function, and are really smooth!!! Thanks in advance...

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