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/* ITOA.C: This program converts integers of various
* sizes to strings in various radixes.


void main( void )
char buffer[20];
int i = 3445;
long l = -344115L;
unsigned long ul = 1234567890UL;

_itoa( i, buffer, 10 );
printf( "String of integer %d (radix 10): %s\n", i, buffer );
_itoa( i, buffer, 16 );
printf( "String of integer %d (radix 16): 0x%s\n", i, buffer );
_itoa( i, buffer, 2 );
printf( "String of integer %d (radix 2): %s\n", i, buffer );

_ltoa( l, buffer, 16 );
printf( "String of long int %ld (radix 16): 0x%s\n", l,
buffer );

_ultoa( ul, buffer, 16 );
printf( "String of unsigned long %lu (radix 16): 0x%s\n", ul,
buffer );


String of integer 3445 (radix 10): 3445
String of integer 3445 (radix 16): 0xd75
String of integer 3445 (radix 2): 110101110101
String of long int -344115 (radix 16): 0xfffabfcd
String of unsigned long 1234567890 (radix 16): 0x499602d2

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Original post by randomDecay
Thanks guys, but I heard you had to use strrev or something to do itoa ? Hmm

Nope. strrev() reverses a string; it has nothing to do with converting integers to character strings.

I wanna work for Microsoft!

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