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Dark Cloak

Weapon model animation

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Hey hey. This is my first time posting here, so I''m a "newbie". I''m also a newbie to weapon modeling and animation. I just recently finished my first weapon model. It''s a laser rifle and grenade launcher. Now that I have the model completed, well, with the exception of skinning, I want to get the animation out of the way. Since it''s a first person view model, I was wondering how I would go about animating it. I''ve been going over and over it in my head. Here are my problems: #1: I am not sure whether or not I just need arm and hand models for the weapon, to attach it to, or if I need an entire player skeleton. #2: I''m using Milkshape 3D, and I have the concept of keyframes down, but I''m not really sure how to go about doing the clip reloading animation...mostly because of bones and whatnot. #3: I want the player to be able to see the laser fire in short bursts. It might sound as if I haven''t tried very hard to understand how to do this stuff. But I have. Looked a numerous tutorials on the net and whatnot, and I just don''t really understand it...I was wondering if there was someone who could explain it to me from a begenniers POV... Thanks, Dark Cloak

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