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Free Universal Game Engine (FUGE)

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What is this:

Hello my name is Anthony, and I just recently joined this forum. My intention is to share with you a free 2D OpenGL game engine that I made in C++. It utilizes Lua as its scripting language, and uses a similar GUI as Unity, to ease the transition. The scripting is very well documented inside the program, but currently it is in a very early version, so it doesn't have much to offer. I'd love to cooperate with game dev(s) that would provide their input to me on how to improve my game engine (make it easier, add functions etc) to reach more audience. This is certainly not meant as a competition, it is intended to be a free alternative to the expensive game engines of today. The biggest pro is that there are no obligations for commercial release of your product/game (no payment or credit required to be given to me). You can read more about it, if you're interested, on my reddit post:

FAQ is there as well



- Download:

- Facebook Fan Page:


To request functionalities, help, bug report or anything, just contact me here, or on Facebook, or anywhere. I'll be more than happy to respond.

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It would be good to have some examples packed with distro.


I see there's a lot of functions that must be called to destroy native objects (font/text/etc).

It would be good to make native objects garbage-collectable. Functions that destroy large native objects might be still there, to faster release/destroy big native data allocated by that object (like texture planes, vertex buffers, etc). But it shouldn't be mandatory to call. You're making things complicate on script side.

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