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Maltese Hawk (RPG, side view, turn-based battles)

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«Maltese Hawk» is turn-based side view RPG for smartphones, in style of mix post-apocalypse and noir. Currently it gathers money on crowdfounding platfor Boomstarter, here is link to it (lot of russian letters and words, you’ve been warned): https://boomstarter.ru/projects/386728/58851


YouTube wideo with English subtitles:



My goals for this game are:

-              Create mobile RPG without casual or F2P elements

-              Show turn-based battle system in 2D side view with movement, castlings and tactical elements

-              Add new RPG and quest elements to fresh up jenre

-              Take best from two two visual styles to create something original






Far future, Earth is far behind, human civilization conquers space. But new movement — «policy of stability» — grows up. All new and modern becomes forbidden, scientists and geniuses suffers from persecutions. That’s why all of them, the intellectual elite of human civilization, were moved on the distant planet called Aurora. There a small colony is build, and people begin to enjoy tropical air, sunny weather and peacefull life for a several generations.






The idyll became nightmare, when due to unknown reasons experimental anti-air turrets started to assault orbital-based ships. Crossfire lasted several minutes, but it was enough to destroy most of colony’s infrastructure and force screen, which protected humans from nature of Aurora. And those, who survived crossfire, saw the remainings of ships, falling from the sky like a fiery rain. It was an Armageddon.






Several decades later remainings of colony population grew up a little. Main hero of the game, Simos, lived in a small town Agalpa. But his usuall life becames ruined, when someone blows up house with his family. In search of revenge and answers Simon reveal the truth behind his own mind and will became the one people call Maltese Hawk.






Full-featured side-view turn based battles. Such concept is very hard to balance. Battles must be variated with tactical elements — covers, lightbulb shots, hostage takeouts and castlings. And still battle system will be simple enough and beginner-friendly. It will be achieved by adding a simple sorting elements and creating elaborate UI.






Detecthemes. Or — detective themes. This term means element of gameplay, which will substitute boring «walk-get-bring» quests. Each detectheme is a sort of puzzle with three types of elements: clues, motives and member. Originally elements are often missing — clues must be gathered on the level, motives and members will be learned from witnesses. The more difficult detectheme is, the more elements she consists of, up to appearance if false-elements, which will seriously increase complexity of task.






Egotism system. Simon will make not only good or bad things, but logical or instinctive things to. For example, shooting in enemie’s very, very sensitive body part will be logical, but pretty bad decision for carma. And, of course, egotism will affect people’s attitude for Simon. If main hero will percieve himself as radically bad person, it will be visible for others.






Two control systems. First one removes any need in precise tap, and uses sensor buttons with touch space much bigger than icons. All screen well be divided on areas, and each whole area will be a button. In addition, UI will be adaptated for such theme to make navigation through menus, fights and ingame world easy and, which is the most important, fast and precised.

Second theme will be more concervative, because of usage of precised finger taps. It will be usefull for people, who do not like new theme.






Variable level geometry. And I am not talking about full destructability. Still, for example, lighbulb can be broken, table and cabinet can be rolled to create improvised cover. And explosives or special ability can be used to create new enter into location.






Suddenness system. In sneak Simon will be able to attack suddenly. Flatfooted enemy gets great damage much easier. And besides, sudden attack may be made even out of sneak, but with no weapon in heroe’s hands. How? There are some ways...


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