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Thoughts about me action system theory.

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I want to create a specific action system for a semi turn based game. Example of 3 units.
time(0) Unit 1: move cost 20 (time), the unit moves immediately but then has to wait for 20 (time).
time(0) Unit 2: Turn cost 5 (time), the unit turns and has to wait 5(time)
time(0) Unit 3: Shoot cost 15 (time), the unit shoots and has to wait 15 (time).
time(5) Unit 2: Shoot cost 10(time), faster weapon then Unit 3.
time(15) Unit 2: Move cost 15(time)
time(15) Unit 3: Shoot cost 15(time)
time(20) Unit 1: Dances ?(time), joking, you get the point.
Now I am brainstorming how to set this system up. 
The most basic thing is giving each unit a action timer. When a action is performed this timer increased. Hold a list of Units and skip to the unit that has the lowest time on the list. Then decrease all times on the list by that amount. Set a new action for this unit and repeat. This seems solid but when I have a lot of units the list grows big. And have to change the complete list every time a action is performed.


I could setup a Action class that holds the time and unit but since it still holds the unit there would not be any improvement I guess. So a reference to the unit maybe? If I store all units in a list I can access them by a int, traversing a list (or a hashmap perhaps) of two ints would be a lot faster.


When A unit can act it chooses a action by a method, performs it and returns the value to store in the action list. When a  unit with the lowest time is chosen it updates the list.


I love to hear some opinions about it, perhaps there is a much better solution. I know premature optimization isn't a good thing but if I later have to change things around then I have to make changes deeper and deeper in my code.

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every unit has an actiontype, and an action countdown counter.


when you update a unit:

if counter=0, select new action, set action type and counter. example: shoot,  15 turns.  so action=shoot, and counter is set to 15.

else decrement counter.


you can also use a global clock or turn counter, and store when the action ends, instead of how many time units left until it ends - same difference.

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Some of the Final Fantasy games did this, some even displayed a meter of when their turn would come up.


I wouldn't really worry about the performance of re-ordering one thing in the queue/list/array, you're not doing it every frame, and you most likely aren't going to have thousands of things in the list.

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