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Touch button, Bounding Box, and its display

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In my little custom engine, I have a class called TouchButton that is responsible for creating a on screen button.
TouchButtons have a single bounding box, which is used to determine if a TouchPoint is contained inside it. If the TouchPoint is inside the bounding box the button is being touched/pressed.

I have a issue that comes into play when rendering. Basically I can create my projection matrix using a orthographic projection that is off center (0, 0 is top left corner) or orthographic projection that is centered (0, 0 is at the center of the screen).

When trying use a projection matrix of each type, the rendering is perfect. The button is drawn to the screen correctly.
But when it comes to the bounding box and centered projection, the bounding box is out of sync with where the button is rendered. Meaning that if my finger is on the button, it wont register until I find where the buttons bounding box was placed sad.png

This is because of 0, 0 being in the center of the screen when it comes to rendering. And the 0, 0 being considered top left corner when it comes to the TouchPoints and bounding box.

How can I fix this? Is this normal (I feel like its not) when it comes to HUD / UI elements?

What do you guys do about HUD / UI elements?

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