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Hey, i'm new on this forum and this is my second post. I have just started down the path of becoming a game designer. However, my actual experience goes back 7 years when I was reskinning, making new origins, making new sounds, and compiling for Day of Defeat 1.3 which ran on the Half Life engine. I also spent time messing around and tweaking the codes in Total War games. One of my scripts is now a submod for a Medieval 2 total war mod known as De Bello Mundi. I specifically nerfed the Thracian faction who were unrealistically powerful compared to history.


What I am trying to get at here is that I have experience in working with games and tweaking them from coding to modeling but now that I want to be a game designer and graphic animation designer, the whole thing is overwhelming. So far, I have one partner who is extremely good at concept art and he also provides opposing views since I grew up playing simulators and the PC games of the 90s so I'm typically non-noob friendly and unforgiving in some of my designs. What is overwhelming to me is that I want to learn how to build games by myself essentially and I am not understanding how it all works exactly.


Do I start with concept art and models or do I make the world first?


How do I make the world exactly? Do I build the maps in blender or do I make objects and textures into a library and build the maps through the engine?


How does rendering and animation work? Do I need to build a render farm?


I could go on and on with the questions.


What I am wondering is if anyone can explain to me how this whole process works to creating a final game that I can put on a disc and install on a computer.


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