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Hero of Allacrost - 2D RPG Release and Gameplay Video

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Hero of Allacrost is a project that has been around for a long time and a lot of members of this community have helped to build it to what it is. The project was on hiatus for a long time, but last month we published our first release in years. It's an open source RPG and freely available on Windows, OS X, and Linux (and whatever else you are able to compile it on). This is a development release, meaning it's more of a snapshot of our work-in-progress rather than a fully polished and balanced release. It currently has around 20 minutes of gameplay. I actually recommend watching the video over downloading, installing, and playing it at this point.





In September we are aiming to make another release that will pick up where this one leaves off and expand the amount of content. By the end of the year, our goal is to make an official release happen that will be fully complete. We're also looking for help on all fronts (programming, art, music, writing, game design) if this looks like something you may be interested in helping with, see our post in the help wanted section on


Thanks! We welcome all feedback/comments that you may have.

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