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Skylimit Tycoon - building simulation and managment [work in progress]

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Skylimit Tycoon,


Skylimit Tycoon is a management and simulation game where you construct a building that might end up being a skyscraper or a shopping mall. The game will be in the same category as SimTower, but our game will be in 3D and you will see each floor from the top. You will be able to drag out lobby floor and than place various rooms into the lobby of each floor.


The game will be released as a single player game and you will be able to run different scenarios at various difficulty.

We will release the game for Windows at first, but will be ported to Mac and Linux (we're lacking testers there and focus to get something to release first).


We at Kendanware started designing this game in February 2015, but made a complete redesign of the game in July. We're using JMonkeyEngine for 3D, JavaFX for GUI and Java's JavaScript engine Nashorn for scripting in the game.


You may follow us at [twitter]Kendanware[/twitter] or at Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kendanware


Here are some current screenshots from the game.



Underground view.



Level up!



Building at ground floor.


You may also follow our devlog at http://hub.kendanware.com/c/kendanware/development-log

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