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[Android] Gem Bash - Bash your way through 18 levels!

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I'd like to present my second game Gem Bash (inspired by guitar hero)!


How to play:

Gems will spawn from the right side of the screen, and will move to the left side. 
Your task is to bash the Gems & powerups inside the "square", by touching them with your finger(see screenshots below).
The gems will move faster & faster, so it'll be pretty hard. 

It can also spawn "skulls" & other bad things. If you accedently touch them, they will "kill" you instantly or apply other bad stuff. 


"Powerups" will aslo spawn, which will benefit you in certain ways.


To complete a map/level you'll have to:

- Obtain a certain amount of points

- Fill the green bar which will increase everytime you manage to bash a gem. The bar will decrease if you fail to bash a gem
(the bar is harder to fill at higher levels)

- Bash an certain amount of "super gems"(varies from level to level)


- If you miss to many Gems, it's game over.


Gem Bash Features:

- Bash your way trough 18 levels

- Aquire points & unlock new maps by bashing Gems in different colors & shapes
- Collect powerups
- The game gets harder & harder as the time passes








My strongest side isn't Design but atleast i think i managed to make a pretty funny game!

Hope you'll enjoy!


/ Martin O

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