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GameDevStudent Looking for Blueprints Help

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I tried to make the title rather obvious, but here's the dilemma: 


I am in the Game Development program of a pretty good Art School in the US (Top 10 in Undergrad/Grad for Video Games). The problem, however, is that the program is MORE Art oriented (Ha, who would have thought that going to an Art School, huh?! :( ) 


I've gone through quite a bit of my Core Classes already, I am in my second quarter as a Junior. 


I finished up a Game Tech class in May, which covered the basics of UE4 Blueprints. On my own time, I have subbed to Digital Tutors and have done their UE4 classes (which are great, but still not enough). I've scoured through the Unreal forums, Youtube videos, and some text about Blueprints.


I guess I should have started with, (I had no programming experience, until last Fall, and it was Processing 2.0), and while I am familiar with the basics of programming. I really want to learn the meat and potatoes and extend my knowledge greatly (and if it's easier to do so through Blueprints, then so be it), but no matter what, when I try to start something brand new, without a tutorial, I seem to be at a loss at how to proceed writing gameplay mechanics. 


I know it's not something that can be learned overnight, but pretty much, I would like to know if there are any helpful advice/tutorials that I may have missed, so that Blueprints is easier on me. 


OR, should I just take the rest of the summer and concentrate on learning C# (which seems to be the programming language of choice for indies) as much as I can?


Basically, I would love to create my own game in the very near future, and while I would love to development something in Unreal, even an all blueprint game, I don't mind doing something in Unity (which I haven't touched yet)


So bottom line:


What I have:

Basics of programming (Processing 2.0)

Basics, maybe close to Intermediate level of understanding of Blueprints in UE4


What I need:


To be able to produce a game by myself, being able to write all the underlying gameplay mechanics that I need.




Thank you very much everyone for your time.








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The thought of process behind writing effective blueprints is almost identical to that of normal programming.

My background before I started using UE4:

- computer sciences education

- made a custom game engine (hobby, so had plenty of glitches and roughness)


I can say that having gone through the trouble of making a custom engine really kickstarted my UE4 blueprints skill. I could almost jump in seamlessly, since I knew what sort of functions I was looking for.


So basically I would recommend advancing your normal programming skills, perhaps even making a small game yourself with for example C#. You'll be alot more comfortable with the blueprint system after that. Add to that doing a bunch of tutorials, constantly achieving more and more, and you'll find yourself all set!


Good luck, and feel free to ask any specific questions on the forums :-)


Cheers and beers,


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