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Unity Visual Studio 2015 Graphics Debugger has trouble with spaced usernames

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Today I've installed Visual Studio Community 2015 in my computer. It now includes a lot of features that would only appear in paid versions of VS, like the Graphics Debugger. It's very easy to use, but I can't get the "Apply shader changes" feature to work. Supposing my username is "My Username", a error like this appears:

Too many files specified ('Username\AppData\Local\Temp\{c7e2ecaf-5adf-4b71-8f6e-e1fc00ca00e8}\DisassemblyUpdate.csd' was the last one), use /? to get usage information


I think it's because it tries to open something like C:\Users\My Username\AppData\Local\Temp\{c7e2ecaf-5adf-4b71-8f6e-e1fc00ca00e8}\DisassemblyUpdate.csd, but it doesn't use quotation marks.


Is there any way to solve this issue? Any way to change the temp dir for VS? If I can't get it to work then I'll try to create a new user account, but that takes very long and I'd want to avoid doing that.


Thanks in advance.


UPDATE: I've already tried many times to create another account, but I can't. Maybe it's a bug in Windows 10?


UPDATE #2: I've managed to enable the administrator account (even though it's bugged as f***: Start Menu doesn't open, can't open settings, fonts don't have any antialiasing, ...). I can now edit shaders "on the go" normally. But because the account is too bugged, I can't use it every time.

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