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Normal offsets in view space?

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I'm trying to apply normal offsets as per http://www.dissidentlogic.com/old/images/NormalOffsetShadows/GDC_Poster_NormalOffset.png


I'm working in view space though and the offsets causes the shadows to slightly move around as the camera moves.

static const float gNormalOffset = 4.5;
static const float gBias = 1;

float3 ShadowAcneNormalOffset(in float3 normal, in float normalLightAngle, in float shadowmapSize)
    const float texelSize = 2.0 / shadowmapSize;
    const float normalOffsetScale = saturate(1.0 - normalLightAngle);

    float3 ret = normal * gNormalOffset * normalOffsetScale * texelSize;
    ret.z += texelSize * gBias;

    return ret;

viewPosition.xyz += ShadowAcneNormalOffset(viewNormal, normalLightAngle, gShadowmapSize);

Both the position and normals are in view space. Does this impact the alghorithm at all?

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There should be no difference between doing this in world space or view space, provided that everything you're working with is in the same coordinate space. I would suspect that you have something in world space that hasn't been converted to view space.

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