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Unity XP, Level, Health,Damage progression of player, enemy and weapons

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We are currently working on a Third person Shooter game using unity, where the zombies would always be coming in the level and attacking the player.

we though of creating 10 locations on a map and the game would start in any of the 10 locations which the user would select from the menu.

the player would have to clear the level he is playing by killing all the zombies and keep getting experience, thus he would gain experience and his level would increase(level 2, 3, 4, 5...so on) and so would the level of the zombie..it would be endless.


the missions will spawn in any of the 10 locations, 2 or 3 missions at a time pops up on the map in menu.


I was thinking about the level progression and would like he and advice on it.


these are the parameters in my game for level progression.


1. player has to kill zombies and gain experience.

for example, say player is at level 1 and he has to gain 100 experience to go to level 2, thus to go level 3 he may need 125 XP and so on.

2. as the level of the player progresses,so would the level of the zombies will increase, the players health would not reduce fast when he is taking damage from zombies, zombies would find to hard to kill the player and player would find it hard to kill the zombies, or if a zombies with a higher level than that of player comes, then player take more damage and so on.

3. there are around 15 weapons (machine gun and shot gun) in the game store, player will have one primary and one secondary weapon in his inventory, and he can buy weapons from in game currency and keep on upgrading the weapons he is playing with in game currency. and the upgrading could go endless as long as the player plays the game.

with weapon upgrading the damage parameter of the gun would increase.


I would like to know how is level progression managed in the games and what approach to follow in such a situation, so that the balance is maintained in the game.


Any Suggestions would be of great help !!!


Cheers smile.png

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"more of the same" ("sore of the maim" heheh) can be spiced up by other variables, eg. a level where some factor influences the basic activities. i kinda consider that boredom is an inevitability, so working to preserve the criteria that make that exercise fun (eg. running round and shooting risky things) while varying other things (level is on a slope) for the length of the campaign.


i also like to give two new things to deal with at a time, so it's not just "oh, tougher to damage" but another factor "really bright sky" or something that makes dealing with both a constant exercise in envaluation and determination/using player skills.

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