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Lowglow - beautiful physic puzzle

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Hello! We have been doing a game for couple of months and now it is in Steam Greenlight!




The game has already been released on Steam! http://store.steampowered.com/app/405950/




The game is athmospheric physic puzzle game where your job is to lead light drops through different levels. There are many different kind of obstacles from basic blocks to gravity fields. The game will consist of 75+ levels and a little storyline.

Background story:
The game world that we call Umbralite is a world of light and shadow. Light and dark once created something abiotic here. Something that is dependant of both of these forces. Shadowfolk.

Wolg' Wol was the first shadow to appear. Wolg was created by the first rays of light that found Umbralite.
More shadows started to appear quickly. Shadows soon habited the realm of Umbralite as their own and a kingdom of sorts was born.

It is considered that the sudden shifts in the balance are what caused something to awaken deep in the
core. A pitch black entity that would obstruct all light from Umbralite. Without light the shadowfolk are
in danger of vanishing and they would have already, if it weren't for the lowglow blocks.

Now the shadows survive with the light of lowglow. And the shimmer of lowglow is just barely enough to
hold back the entity of darkness, Omnishade, at bay. Shadows are struggling while the darkness tries to
find a way to spread uninhibited and swallow everything in its way.

The game is made using Cocos2d-x framework via C++. Levels are done with our own created level editor where you can place all the obstacles and set parameters and materials for them. Physic simulation is done in Box2D physic engine with little tweaks.

The game will be released on PC, Android and iOS. We have been on Steam Greenlight since the end of July 2015. The game itself will be released late 2015.

We iterated our graphical style for a while and this was our first one.

This was the style we wanted to continue working with.

Screenshot from our editor that we use to make levels. (The editor is a little bit cryptic and need hours to learn but it works biggrin.png )

Currently under developement:
At the moment I am coding chapter menus and level menus. We are trying to get some cool ideas for it as we dont want it to be too generic.

Greenlight: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=486646494
Cinematic Trailer:


Gameplay Teaser:

Thanks for your time I hope that you liked it! Questions and comments are welcome!

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Dang very beautiful game. I would like to know who did your trailers, very professional?


Thank you! We did our cinematic trailer by our own using Blender 3D. I did the materials and models for the scene and my friend animated it.

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Lowglow Alpha is now playable at Gamejolt http://gamejolt.com/games/lowglow/84338

Lowglow Alpha v0.62 consists of 11 levels that are designed to give you a taste of what the game is going to offer. Keep in mind this little demo doesn't represent the game at it's fullest. There is so much more to experience in the full version, and we hope we can get it ready as soon as possible.

Yet, we are still royally excited to finally share this Alpha version with you! We hope that you will try it and give us your precious insight on how to make the game better!

Thank you!

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Lowglow has been greenlit in 8 days!

I watched our Steam Greenlight statistics yesterday and it was showing that we have been risen in the list. I though, okay we are doing fine for now. After couple of minutes I refreshed the page to check if we have gotten new votes.. Then I noticed the green bar on the top of the page! We have been greenlit!

Now we will continue the developement of the game and we will polish it to look like as good as possible.

Thank you for all who voted for us!
Stay tuned, we will be adding new updates soon!

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