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Kelvin Shadewing

Any Squirrel tutorials?

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So, I've been looking into different scripting languages for a while now, and so far, I've heard the best things about Squirrel. Unfortunately, no matter how far I search, I can't seem to find any good tutorials on it beyond embedding the VM, which I've already done. People are using this thing, even Valve and Rockstar, so someone must have a tutorial somewhere, right? If there are any Squirrel users here, could you please tell me where you learned it?


I've tried looking at nut files from Portal 2, and even read the Valve developer page on it, but it's still very barebones. The only thing I can make of it is that it's like Javascript, just with variables being defined with "<-" instead of "var" (although, "local" seems to work if done inside a function or class). I don't want to just dive right in because I'm afraid I'll screw something up with no way of knowing what I did wrong.

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