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[IOS][ANDROID][WEB] Spells of Genesis

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Hello everyone,

Today we would like to present you Spells of Genesis, the game that we are currently developing here at EverdreamSoft.

What is Spells of Genesis?

It is an arcade-intensive RPG game that will be playable on tablets and smartphones.

Our game is based on principles inspired by arcade games such as Bubble Shooter or Orbital, as well as traditional RPGs such as character’s attributes and powers combination found in a classic role-playing games and Trading Card Games (TCG).


The game is playable on tablets and smartphones with controls suited to each device and interface (Swipe and Drag & Drop for example). The gameplay loop is relatively simple: the player collects different Spells (cards) each with their own specific powers, then creates a team with them to fight in the arena using a game system we call Orbital.


Core Gameplay

The player's team consists of four cards, each with its own characteristics. Alternatively, each player’s card will shoot at enemies. The enemies, in turn, will shoot at the player once their countdown is over as you can see on their orbs. When all enemies have been destroyed the player wins. If the player’s Health Points get down to zero, it’s game over.

The player’s shots inflict damage and can bounce off the walls. Likewise, enemies hit by the shots will also be moved. The player must then demonstrate strategic ability to anticipate these movements and exploit them. The player should take advantage of the card set and decorum to reach the most distant and powerful enemies.

Last but not least, another feature is that each shot will leave a bonus around the arena that will boost the next attack. Players have to collect the bonuses by shooting or passing on top of them (damage amplification, health points, etc).



Art Direction

Our goal with Spells of Genesis is to promote and highlight the numerous independent artists who contributed to our previous projects and continue to work with us. Therefore each artist brings its own personality and graphic style allowing us to have a world that is unique, rich, and colorful.





Our game will run on a Free-to-Play model, it’s based on Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Spells of Genesis will have its own specific currency, BitCrystals. The peculiarity of BitCrystals is that it is a cryptocurrency exchangeable and usable within and outside the game. So you can both purchase items within the game but also trade or exchange them for other cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and altcoins.

Similarly to a TCG, in Spells of Genesis players will be able to acquire trading cards. The same way as with physical cards, there will be a limited but defined supply of each one when released (the number will not be changed later). Unlike many card games that can be found online, once a card is acquired, it becomes the property of the purchaser who is free to use it in the game or outside (same as BitCrystals). The purchaser can hold the card for collection purposes, exchange it for any other card, and even sell it at a price of own choice. Purchasers have full ownership of cards and other game items.



We will launch our crowdfunding today. Feel free to come and visit us if the project interests you :



Thanks and have a nice day!

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