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Glyphic & SpritePacker

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I have developed two open-source projects I developed in Qt:


SDF Font Generator/Packer

Loads a TTF or OTA file, and generates SDF glyphs. Exports to a single binary file containing the 8-bit texture data, and glyph rect definitions. Currently only supports ASCII. Also, for test purposes, you can choose source glyph's sample size. Ideally, you want 4096x4096, but my algorithm is really slow. It could take a few hours to generate. 512x512 does pretty well right now. You can also zoom in and scroll to get an idea of what the glyphs look like close-up. Currently doesn't support sharp corners.


Sprite Packer

Drag and drop images from your OS's file manager application into the dock on the right. The user can select multiple rects from the dock, and it'll highlight them in the atlas. You can also zoom in and scroll. The atlas updates automatically. A background color can be specified if color-keying is desired, and padding can be applied to your images. Outputs a compressed PNG for the atlas, and a JSON file for the image rect dimensions. A variety of image formats are supported. There are some odd artifacts that have cropped up recently, and sometimes crashes occur.


They both use a lot of the same boilerplate code. There are some graphic issues when compiling for OS X as Qt seems to use the same OpenGL context for its own internal use. The only binaries I provide are for Windows 10, since I just upgraded. Here are the links:


I hope these projects help others with their future projects! Also, if you have any feedback, I'd be happy to hear it. I'd really like feedback on code structure, and class architecture. I'm trying to develop better coding conventions.

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