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Condy Chan

Dead Union Brand New Mobile FPS Game Coming in August

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Dead Union Brand New Mobile FPS Game Coming in August

Dead Union is a hardcore 3D mobile FPS game which features strategy tower defense. Adopting zombie element as the picture style, Dead Union provides players all kinds of zombies, to shoot and kill. Zombies in Dead Union do not appear with the cliché images that we know, each kind of zombie is designed with specific characters. Now who can survive in this zombie nation, and be the lord of it?


What’s the difference between Dead Union and other FPS games?

Dead Union provides three game modes: Mission, PVP and X mode. Our hero needs to complete the given missions in mission mode, this is the classic part. Turning to the PVP, here comes the cool section. In PVP mode, each player has their own base, what they need to do is to upgrade their base in all round way. Not just the base itself and the turrets can be upgraded; players can even deploy zombie army and upgrade them too. Once fully prepared, players, if they are strong enough, they can try to attack each other to acquire resources which can be used in upgrading base, turrets and zombie armies. Ps: Don’t afraid, the smart PVP match system chooses no unreasonable opponents for you.







As for the X-Mode, players shall choose difficulty level at the beginning. Once the goal set, they have to survive to the end, and of course, items from the Mall could offer you help in a big margin. The Mall offers items including bullet, landmine, machine gun, grenade, and atom bomb which can eliminate all zombies at the spot within a second. Playing X-Mode requires high operation skills and strategic thought. Facing zombies approaching from all directions, what would you do to stay alive? We recommend players who seek such operation experience to challenge X-Mode.







Comparing with other mobile FPS games, Dead Union makes some interesting changes. Firstly, zombies in game are with fresh looks. Look at the pumpkin head zombie, it is designed to equip with special skills. The pumpkin head zombie could disable all turrets when it occurs because of its own magic attribute, and the nurse zombie can increase enemies’ HP by 40%. Besides, Dead Union provides more than 20 kinds of zombies and monsters, including werewolf, firedog and so on. And each of them owns specific skill or attribute.


Lastly, the nice guns in game deserve your attention. There are 29 types of well designed weapons for our soldiers to use. What’ more, by taking a variety of modes like 'Target Escort', 'Zombie Butcher', 'Time Survivor' and 'Zombie Chaser' along with various traps, you'll create infinite possibilities!


All the above is just a tip of iceberg, for the rest, Dead Union is waiting for you to discover.

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