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Android Studio

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with the change to Windows 10 I thought it would be a good idea instead of setting up Eclipse together with ADT again instead I am going with Android Studio "for real" this time instead of switching back after a few days, again.

There are a lot of things I hate in IntelliJ but also a few things I like over Eclipse, still I never understand why Google threw away a very powerful IDE for... well... this.


Anyway I have a problem right now binding my library project to another project.


In Eclipse I could do this:

1.) Rightclick on [library project] -> "Preferences" -> Checkmark at "is Library"

2.) Rightclick on [project using library] -> "Preferences" -> "Add Library" -> Select [library project]


Now I am trying to do the same in AndroidStudio but I can't get it to work. I've read through some tutorials and what I did now is importing a "module" and gave it a new module name because "app" was already taken (via: File -> New -> Import Module).

It shows now up in the root folder but I can't use any classes of it in my project.

IntelliJ AndroidStudio keeps marking it as "Cannot resolve symbol '[classname]'"

What am I doing wrong?



Thank you very much

With Best Regards


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Thanks for the link.

I noticed after a while that neither I can add or remove dependencies nor modules. Everytime I closed the project settings screen it made a projectsync and upon reopening it again it was the same as before.

It keeps resetting itself which is really annoying but with the help of your link I could write it manually into the gradle files and now it works, thanks.


After that I got mutiple more errors because of gradle problems, different project errors (notice that this was a completly new project, created with the wizard) and after fixing all of these the app didn't even worked because obviously I have to call requestFeature before adding content... or something like that... in an empty activity... sure. Or when IntelliJ refuses to close and I have to forceclose the process, fantastic.

I really have to fight myself finally getting into Android Studio but it is frustrating as it keeps me from work now for several days.


Anyway, thank you very much!

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