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Comrades! Watch "Karaski" Trailer, Open-ended Detective Adventure 500 feet in the AIR!

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The Dunabe Citizen Happiness Bureau proudly presents:



You’re one of five suspects of a sabotage onboard a 1920s Slavic Airship. Find the culprit or confess your crime in an open-ended, detective adventure game.

Coming to PC Soon, so Be a good citizen and SHARE! Help Us Gain traction!!!

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Onboard a the world’s first Airship, a dark plot unfolds. Each suspect has a secret and unique personality you can uncover in a nonlinear manner via dialogue, breaking into their rooms, drinking with them, or even pissing them off. But getting caught snooping around will rise your suspicion and the passengers will start doubting you more! Your interactions shape the past, present and future outcomes of the story. Different playthroughs can lead to different results.

karaski-game-promo-01.jpg karaski-game-promo-02.jpg karaski-game-promo-03.jpg karaski-game-promo-04.jpg

karaski-game-promo-05.jpg karaski-game-promo-06.jpg karaski-game-promo-26.jpg karaski-game-promo-08.jpg

Open-ended Story
What you say and do shapes the past, present and future.

Complex Characters and Rich Dialogue
Each passenger has a story and unique personality – uncover their dark secrets.

Metroidvania-style Nonlinear Exploration
Freely roam 4 distinct decks hunting for clues… or stealing money and booze.

Social Stealth
Don’t get caught acting suspicious, or others may blame you.

Multiple Solutions
Pick locks, crawl through vents, tinker with cogs or talk your way through.

Customize Your Playstyle
Choose from a variety of tools and approaches that suit you best.

High Replayability
The choices you make will influence gameplay and story.

karaski-4Suspects-600px.jpg Edited by Koobazaur

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This looks awesome! Can't wait to see how the open-endedness is handled. Do you know if you are the saboteur from the start or is it something you discover as you play? Nice work!



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