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D3D12 how to set shader constants (outside of cbuffer)

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I'm using angle to automatically translate my GLSL shader code for use in a D3D12 engine.

I already know how to update constant buffers from the new API.
Where I am stuck is how to get at variables that look like this:
uniform float4 someVar : register c0;
From the D3D12 API

Does anybody know how I can do this? How do I populate "c" variables from DirectX 12?

Edit: am I right to believe these go into the "$global" c buffer following the same packing rules?

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Posting this to help others who land here with a similar problem


I was right in suspecting one global c buffer.  

The following code allows me to reliably determine the cbuffer index of the global buffer.

			ID3D12ShaderReflection *reflector = nullptr;
			ThrowIfFailed(D3DReflect(prog->vertexShader.blob->GetBufferPointer(), prog->vertexShader.blob->GetBufferSize(), IID_ID3D12ShaderReflection, (void **)&reflector));

			D3D12_SHADER_DESC descShader;

			for(int i = 0; i < descShader.ConstantBuffers; i++)
				auto global = reflector->GetConstantBufferByIndex(i);

				if(string(desc.Name).find("$Global") != string::npos)
					vout << desc.Name << endl;

					auto var = global->GetVariableByIndex(0);
					vout << descVar.Name << endl;
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