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fite - 2.5d minimalist fps

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as you can see, there's not much visual bling.. game is cpu rendered, probably ~2.5k lines, no sdks or libraries (soz - should have said win32)


part programming exercise, partially produced by happiness that i am able to accomplish at least this much without learning an sdk.. usually under 500 triangles per frame, and runs alright on the laptops i've tried it on.



of course this is "awesome sauce" and no one is going to play, only check out to see what's up -


there are two things you can appreciate from this "in-die project" -

the first and least significant is that this was an exercise in minimalism throughout... eg. the AI implementation is absolutely minimal.. it fails on more extreme maps because of the intrinsic terrain response parameterisation.. but for me satisfying because easy and minimal to write, and does the job "well enough" in most circumstances (can range from deadly to silly but doesn't go into moronic).

the part you devs may appreciate is the procedural audio -


most sounds are simple minimal implementations - unsigned char "audio synthesis" to produce noisy timbres that are more tonal than white noise, plus simple filters to make the explosions fall off... pretty much all sounds like crap...

the footsteps are procedurally synthesized, parameterisation varies from level to level. the model could certainly be improved, as it is once again minimal, but... as a developer, i am very interested in observing the performance of elements than i plan to reuse later.

footsteps generate "random" impulses (int math) which agitates an IIR filter, then a 6dB lowpass... super cheeky crud implementations.. the footstep trigger is an exponential contour fed into the mess that affects timbre and gain... these kinds of filters are *never* something a "professional" audio developer would use, because they are very simple and low spec... aamof i have never seen any documentation for these methods, i don't think other audio devs even know they exist.



as you can hear, it does do a fair job of sounding like footsteps if you listen just right... the method can be improved by varying some of the static params (eg. the envelope for all footsteps has the same duration), perhaps duplicating the "grain"/"event" process, as when single procedures are interrupted they produce a discontinuity... i used that to add to the texture but it would sound better with more tucking..



well here it is, you still won't respect me, but maybe i can help you -





as you can see, not terribly complicated to understand, ("feil" and "feir" are set to 1 when fcr is set) or to implement, and relatively efficient code.. add a layer or two of events, improve the filtering some and you can nick yourself some procedural feetsteps, gratis.

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