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The world of Erator

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The world of Erator is the name of the human domain before the ancient walls; those are the defensive line to the unknown world, where monsters and evil creatures called Gothuls reign. During centuries, the things were peaceful until recent days; the Gothuls started to invade certain villages.  In this unexpected situation, the cities become the refuges of those who lost everything, making them wonder… if the ancient defenses… have been finally broken.


You must survive in Halbor, the biggest city on Erator, must grow your social status for progress and obtain items, exploring the city will give you rewards such as valuable objects and achievements, is good eat something in order to evade the starvation, remember to sleep also, you can talk with NPCs to increase their empathy toward you and making favors or just work. Will you become a Sage? Or maybe a protector of the city; Either way your destiny is to save the world of Erator from the Gothul threat




4.png Single player.

3.png Only for windows.




  • The sage path is more focused on RPG and how you grow your stats to defeat the bosses, there are 8 of them.
  • If you reject becoming a sage, please play attention to the dialogues, they are clues to progress in the game (is a fight for survival on a foreign city).
  • Each object on the game gives you a response when interact with it.
  • There are Easter eggs and hidden treasures into Halbor.
  • Check the credits at the end of the game (The custom music you hear is made with an electronic keyboard and some guitars)
  • Use the arrows on the keyboard to move, space or enter to interact with objects and people, press "X" to open the menu screen.












Video showcase






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Thanks for your gorgeous time



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