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ClearDepthStencilView madness

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I was trying to render some texels by using a depth stencil which I cleared before rendering to value 2^24 but nothing was rendered.

So finally I found that the default RasterizerStateState has DepthClipEnable = TRUE; wich means that this clip will happen "0 <= z <= w" after the vertex shader.

I changed RasterizerStateState, still no texels were rendered then I found this in the ClearDepthStencilView documentation:

pDepthStencilView [in]

Type: ID3D10DepthStencilView*

Pointer to the depth stencil to be cleared.

ClearFlags [in]

Type: UINT

Which parts of the buffer to clear. See D3D10_CLEAR_FLAG.

Depth [in]


Clear the depth buffer with this value. This value will be clamped between 0 and 1.

Stencil [in]

Type: UINT8

Clear the stencil buffer with this value.


just why?

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