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Heroes of Asgard - MMORPG

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Hi guys,
what I'm presenting is called Heroes of Asgard, a Crimson Games' project that I'm developing as Lead Programmer.
I write immediately some reference, if you want to read a detailed page.
Heroes of Asgard is an hack 'n slash, old school MMORPG, but with the inclusion of new ideas and a gorgeous graphic (we tried to reach a good graphic level).
It is based on the concepts learned from Metin2 (our team played the aforementioned title), which has influenced us so much.
For the history and description of classes, I refer you to page Indiegogo, where it is explained really well.
The development is still in progress, we are working for months now and I'd much pleasure to receive comments and a tons of constructive criticisms!
while we are waiting for character presentation, here is a glimpse of Talos. It is still a work in progress, but our guy is making certainly a good work!
"Talos, a strong and mighty kingdom who fought bravely against the titans, where names of those legendary heroes are now recorded in the book of Asgard. Talos is the birthplace of great heroes. The Talosian are proud of their ancestors and train hard each day with an aim to continue the legacy and be remembered forever."
The character in question is the Sura (many of you know from experience just in Metin2, but for those who do not know what is: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asura), an entity halfway between the man and the devil, able to develop its strength through the Dark Arts and evil. His body is gradually eroded and corrupted by the evil that he uses as his strong point.
Here is a screenshot:


UPDATE 15/05/2015
  • Persistance manager added, the position of the players is now saved at regular configurable intervals, with a system that always finds the last valid position
  • Rewrote the database wrapper, I did not like as I had done before: now I like it
  • Various modifications and additions to the manager of equipment and items, also added CRUD functionality for their rescue
Now I'm working at the monster spawn in the maps, then:
  • The map is loaded
  • in it are loaded spawn groups, easily configurable (I will make also a tool to create them directly walking maps)
  • Spawner thread of the map is instantiated, which is responsible to check the status of the group spawn and spawn them effectively


UPDATE 02/06/2015


Server side:
  • Monsters included in the maps (for the moment only the map of Talos) and subsequent spawning on remote clients
  • Place various proximity list to ease the load on various calculations
  • Made a skill system (which I believe came cute)
  • Created and tested physical attacks against other entities of the game
Client side:
  • Added an interpolation system on the motion of remote entities
  • Spawning visual monsters communicated by the server
  • Started the making of Ascalon map
UPDATE 20/06/2015
  • Tested and debugged monsters spawning on various clients
  • Tested and debugged area of ??interest for players and monsters
  • Minor changes to the skill system, a skill now can invoke a specified script
  • Minor changes to the bonus system, you can now assign an array of callbacks to be called when the value of the bonus changes
  • Tested, debugged and improved the first skill (the classic melee attack)
  • Added elements in the GUI to bring clarity to the world of game (names of players and monsters, physical damage, magic damage, critical  damage, heal amounts, etc.)
  • Fix on MonsterGroup: now for the respawn is necessary that the whole group of monsters is dead
  • Introduced exping and leveling on server side
  • Introduced exping and leveling on client side, with its effect (to be improved)
  • Parallel tasks: rewritten some service to improve maintainability and performances
Soon, probably, I will post new screenshots or a video. 1.gif
Stay tuned!
Best regards,
Emanuele, Crimson Games Lead Programmer

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