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4X, "imperial projects" mechanic

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Imperial projects are kind like wonders in civ, but provide empire wide bonuses (not build on any specific planet) example: "communication network".


I'm looking for an exact mechanic how it should work.


What I have so far (basic):

- there is a big list of projects, the assumption is the player will not get access to all of them in one game (replayability)

- during audience they bring to you a choice "choose a project to start out of 5 available" (those 5 are choosen randomly)

- once you selected a project the progress starts (simple 10% per turn) and eventually the project is completed

- if you have more projects in progress all progress increase is split, like if there are 2 projects these would go at 5% per turn instead on 10% (so choosing "no new project" during audience might be smart sometimes)


Now, I have these alternatives (use them or not? and if yes which one?):
- instead of choosing random 5 projects during each audience make some sort of "imperial eras" where each era has a set of available projects (presented over and over again duing each audience) then you decide to "proceed to the next era" (meeting some requirements first) and you get a new set of 5 projects

- instead of splitting the progress make the oldest (first choosen) projects to be finished first then move to the next one

- other concepts?



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How does resource management work in this game? Because if there is resource management it might be much more interesting to center Imperial projects around gathering the massive amounts of resources needed to build them. Make them a serious investment that are a challenge in themselves to complete.

The era option sounds like the better of the two options you have presented as, with the limited information presented, it sounds like it better ties the projects to the setting. This is always a plus in my book.

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I agree it should be costly. This makes "no project right now thanks" a strategic option, as well as giving more saticfaction when actually completing a project.


I like that not all projects are available in every game. Might be fun. Just make sure the player has enough to choose from so it doesnt feel the game chooses for him/her.


Why could not some projects have global effect but some affect a planet (or region of planets)? Could give more flexibility.

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