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Unity my own 3d editor questions and suggestions

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hi all,


i have made my own 3d editor that can import, edit add mesh, create scene, create/edit terrain.

but i find it a little dull or not quite similar quality as let say unity when it comes to default rendering (not feature ofcourse obviously unity has a LOT of feature), im just talking about default rendering.

1. like say for example, when you add basic shapes in unity, there is a default light happening in there right? the objects has some sort of lighting to it.

    see video

    the wall is somewhat shiny and moving it around seems obviously that there is a light somewhere in the scene.


    can you suggest how is this placed or handled? like this might might be a directional light, but what drection is it pointing? is it to the direction of camera or something like pointing down light?


2. what are the default materials apply to the scene? like is specular(shinyness are therer?, ofcourse normal of the objects should be there for light to work, what can you suggest to make my editor look like a pro? 


3.also seen this video from unity,

its a view port navigation video, but i like the quality of the scene,

i see point light, and maybe bump map effects on the scene. the scene really look good, can you suggest what other effects/materials was look to make a scene like this?

for short, what are the materials and things i need to do to make my editor look professional by default  :)


i attach screenshots of my terrain editor, its kinda dry :D


note: before you question me why i made that, i will answer it

1. first it is for me to learn and practice opengl/directx before

2. i use it for my games like terrain editor, object placement on scene/level :)

3. i write my own framework/engine and not using unity or any thing.

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sounds like that would be implemented as a simple directional light, located at or behind the camera, facing the same direction as the camera, and moving with the camera. IE turn and/or move the light whenever you turn and/or move the camera.


flat/smooth would probably be handled automatically by the normals, assuming you have gourard turned on, as its a level editor, not a 3d modeling package. i suspect the 3d modeling software would set the normals, based on its internal flat or smooth settings, and a level editor would just use those normals contained in the imported model/object, which would automatically result in flat or smooth edges, based on the normals generated by the 3d modeling software.

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simple directional light, located at or behind the camera, facing the same direction as the camera, and moving with the camera.

Just to clear up some terms, if wanting to google this stuff... Most 3D software has 3 distinct types of lights -- Directional lights, Point lights and Spotlights.


Directional lights do not have a position -- thus they cannot be located anywhere, nor can they move. They only have a direction. Directional lights are considered to be infinitely far away.


Point lights have a position, and emit light in all directions (like a glowing ball that's situated at a specific location). Points Lights do not have a rotation (that matters) -- a glowing ball rotated around is still a glowing ball.


Spotlights have a position and a rotation, as well as a field of view. Spotlights are like flashlights you hold in your hand (or indeed a headlight). These things combined give you a "cone" of light, from a specific location.

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ey thanks guys for answering, and yeah the term i was looking for was camera headlamp or similar.


how about my second and 3rd question?

what are the materials i need to apply to my DEFAULT scene to make it look professional similar to the unity sample i added?


is it just simple normal/bump map with specular/shinyness  being lighted with point lights?

or things like lightmaps are also added.


i really like their default effects, similar to this;

want my engine to default with that kind of look when adding objects or walls with textures.


just a suggestion will help, my engine knda looks dry even with lights implemented already

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No default material is going to give you something that looks that good. Unity uses PBR now... which is one thing, but how good it looks always depends on the artist skill. So... don't worry about that.

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