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Still Handpainting Heightfields? Try My Lecture Series on World Machine

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Hi Everyone, 


Terrain is a popular topic for Game Development, and there are various ways of generating heightfield data. But if you want something really high quality, hand-painting it with the admittedly primitive toolset in some engines can be extremely laborious.  Does it make much sense to have to hand-paint kilometers of terrain with a push and pull brush?


I'm an experienced user of World Machine; an extremely popular procedural heightfield generation tool that can be used to create high quality terrains for Unity. I've used World Machine in various professional projects: including my 3 Terrain Packs available in the Unity Asset Store, one of which is the Desert Terrain Pack:







You can do a lot with a top-down projected heightfield, but World Machine can present a steep learning curve for newcomers. Other video series' simply gloss over everything and expect you to fill in the blanks. This is why I recently developed my own Introduction to World Machine video tutorial series.  


In this series, you'll gain a solid understanding of how World Machine operates, how all the nodes work, and even construct and texture a nice Alpine Terrain using some cool techniques all inside World Machine. Once completed, you'll construct the splat map and export all the data to Unity 5, though the data you produce can be imported in any game engine.


Right now, the course is 50% off on my GumRoad store!

One last thing: You don't need a licensed version of World Machine to get started. There is a Basic edition available so you can follow along!

Look over the course, what is offered, watch the free tutorial lesson, and feel free to ask any questions you have.

Thanks for your consideration!

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