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Condy Chan

Dead Union is a new mobile FPS strategy game currently in a closed beta testing phase

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Dead-Union-Android-Game.jpgA new FPS-strategy hybrid game will be arriving for mobile devices soon. Currently in the beta testing phase of development, Dead Union is a blend of FPS gameplay with base building strategy mechanics, and zombies of course. However this game may not be exactly what you are thinking it is.

Essentially players will be building up their base with different defenses and other handy structures and items to help you survive. You will also have the ability to control zombies as your main type of military unit. This means you will be deploying different types of zombies to attack your opponent. Of course they will be able to do the same. When you are confronted with incoming zombies, you'll switch to a first-person perspective and handle them with your current weapon of choice.


Dead Union has a few different types of game modes available. While there is a single-player mode you can play through, following the storyline within the game, there also happens to be multiplayer PvP as well as X-Mode. The PvP mode is pretty self-explanatory. X-Mode is basically a survival game mode where you will be trying to survive as long as you can against waves of zombies.

There are a few details we do not know just yet, with controller support being the main one. However, judging from how the onscreen controls are set up, anyone with a Shield tablet and Shield controller should be able to easily button map this game. The same goes for anyone using an app to button map controllers with their non-Shield device. Right now there is no specific release date announced, only that it is coming soon. As for price, it looks like Dead Union will be available for free with optional IAPs. More screenshots available below.

Official Website: Dead Union



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